BROODWORK is delighted to announce the participating creative minds for our invited project at Trajector Art Fair April 23-26 in collaboration with artBrussels in Brussels, Belgium. For Trajector, BROODWORK presents works by Hadley & Peter Arnold, Jamison Carter, Alex Couwenberg, Tim Durfee & Iris Anna Regn, David McDonald, Mark Newport, Rebecca Niederlander, Lucas Reiner, Jeffrey & Jaime Rugh|Rugh Family Workshop, and Tony Tasset.

Themes surrounding issues of landscape, both interior and exterior, personal and physical unite the artists presented by BROODWORK. Adopted identities through physical change emerge in Newport and Cowenberg's works, as well as in Tasset's video. The Arnolds' project intertwines the layered issues of sustainability within personal transformation. The works of Carter, McDonald and Niederlander all function by combining disparate individual abstractions into a more substantive whole. Durfee and Regn, and the Rughs design projects that encourage and articulate unspoken communities within previously bounded constructs.

The overall themes of these works were in particular chosen to reflect on the notion of the urban, European hotel locale of the exhibition in contrast to the more permeable living space of Los Angeles. All participants are also parents, and the works - BROODWORK - are a result of, or in conversation with creative practice and family life.

BROODWORK is collaborating with Family Viewing Project's "Mother's Night Out" in presenting a comprehensive project.