Colloquy is a bi-monthly discussion series at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles created by writer, critic, and curator Holly Myers in 2012 that has tackled provocative and timely topics such as measuring an artist’s success, marriages between artists and other arts professionals, and analyzing the benefits of an MFA degree in the art world. MOCA hosted a Colloquy panel examining how artist parents approach their dual, mutually influential roles (i.e. children serving as the subject or co-creator of a work, raising kids to appreciate art, and the dynamics of exposing them to the art world) and debate intriguing questions about the multifaceted issues parenting raises for artists including social and art world biases, day-to-day logistics, and the creative possibilities of parenthood with four artists who approach their roles as parents and artists in a variety of ways: Andrew Berardini, Ellina Kevorkian, Rebecca Niederlander, and Amir Zaki. Moderated by artist, writer, and independent curator Micol Hebron.

Below is the full audio of the conversation, in two parts, from Sunday, March 3 2013 at MOCA Grand Avenue.