Jemima Brown
Profile Pictures, 2009
Pencil and watercolour on paper
All drawings are square, 11 ¾ inches, 29.7cm x 29.7cm each
Courtesy Jemima Brown and The Agency Contemporary, London

Drawing had been part of my practice for several years before the birth of my son, often I used it in order to reflect on work in other media such as video or sculpture. These facebook profile picture drawings came about as Laurie became more mobile and increasingly elaborate playpen arrangements could no longer protect him from the hazards of my studio or keep him entertained enough for me to do any work there. Trapped at home I dabbed idly at facebook, engaging with it as a low commitment, brainless activity, that could be dipped in and out of. The drawings became a more positive extension of that activity. To date there are over 100 of the drawings. They are not so much portraits of the people as drawings of their facebook profile pictures. They are an ongoing project, each time I add a new friend I do another drawing.

Jemima Brown