Alexis (Weidig) Zoto
Metis-Medusa, 2009
Mylar tape
Dimensions variable
Courtesy Overtones Gallery

'Metis-Medusa' is a first attempt at making a piece inspired by the complexity of emotions and thoughts of a woman who is an artist, parent, and wife. Many names I grew up around are also the names of saints and Greek gods and goddesses. I have always been fascinated by Greek mythology and how it is portrayed in art; the battles, intrigue, strange conceptions and births etc. I love to conflate bits of those myths with stories of people in and around my family and make art. I started investigating the heritage, religion, ethnicity, and culture of my family (and particularly the women) before becoming a mother. When I was pregnant with my daughter my interest grew exponentially. Now I also have a ten month old son and these interests are still as strong. However, the juggling of two small children with marriage, teaching career and art career is very hard. My process has had to radically adapt to my new circumstances. I mostly work in my head during those moments in between everything else. Then I dump my brain into my sketchbook. There my ideas have to wait. It is frustrating that I must accept a slower pace of production and can't noodle around with materials. I am forced to work more efficiently, but my creativity has adapted and my work is stronger.

Alexis (Weidig) Zoto