Lauren Bon and Metabolic Studio:
PSQ.2/ Eagle Rock Arts Center, 2009
material: corn fodder, hydro seed, water
Dimensions:8 feet, 4 feet, 4 feet
edition of 100

This object is in a process of decay. The remainder of one process--the growing of corn--is the material for this sculptural form. That form once bundled and shaped is impregnated with seeds, brought to the site and connected to reclaimed water. This sculptural object's very form will change as a process of growing another life on it. Catabolism is the term that refers to the break down of metabolic form. It is the process by which ground is made which allows new things to emerge. The connection to pregnancy and mothering is there; as is the idea of generations. Once the flowers are mature, they will blow to neighboring ground where more flowers will emerge.

Lauren Bon and Metabolic Studio