Katrina Rivers

from Katrina Rivers' Breathe Into Love Blog

So, Lucy my love. This is for you. An Ode to you. For your knowing even when I don’t know for sure. For reminding me of the absolute and uncontainable joy that comes with trust and letting go. In the dark of not knowing, there is only the Light.

You have spirit. You ARE Spirit. And you are always and forever BIG in my heart.

Post Script

Around this time, Lucy and I are taking a bath. The lights are out except for the nightlight cause we like to bathe in that ambient mood. We have a wooden spoon and are stirring up a spell. A sprinkle of joy and a big circle stir around her and I; a bit of friendship, and another stir; a rainfall of love and loving and sweetness and fun… and as I hold my fingers above this potent brew we were bathing in, ready to add another ingredient, the word Light on the tip of my tongue - pfft – the nightlight goes out. Sudden darkness, and with all these spells sudden fear runs through Lucy and I can feel it shiver in the air. She barely lets me add that Light and mix it in before I must find the overhead switch and turn it on. “Why’d it go out? What happened?” “I don’t know. Hold on. I can take a look.” “Maybe there’s a ghost.” “Maybe there’s an – ” and on the tip of my tongue is the word… angel… and as I say it… at the very same time… that iddy biddy nightlight flicks back on.

In the dark, there is only Light.