Dave Muller
Muller Family Car Listening Stack (From Frances Down to Dave)
Acrylic on paper

I try to make some ephemeral things concrete. In this case I’m nailing down a moment when these recordings were together in the one car we own. It covers the Muller family listening spectrum: from the drones of Yoshi Wada and Catherine Christer Hennix (which only Dave likes) through Grizzly Bear and Liz Phair (Dave & Ann like) on to Brenda Fassie and M.I.A. (everyone likes) then The Airborne Toxic Event (only Grace likes) and finally Kanye West and The Little Mermaid OST (only Frances likes). The spectrum runs from Dave at the bottom to Frances at top. This moment is already passed; Spring cleaning has struck. A whole new spectral array starts to assemble itself.