Ann Faison

I started writing about my daughter Grace shortly after she was born. I was always a journal keeper and I wanted to record things about her: The way she said things or little episodes that I knew I would forget if I didn't.

Then we had a still birth and I started writing about it immediately. That story turned into a book and I turned into a writer. Now I call myself an artist and a writer, but the truth is I’d rather write than do almost anything else in my studio. But I also make drawings, many of which find their way into my books.

Much of what I write has to do with my children. The two living souls who run around screaming and laughing, and the one who is not alive but seems to hover around watching all the fun. I am writing now about my own mother (also not alive) and the relationship I have to her and how it affects the way I interact with my daughters.

My children and my role as a mother have become the central players in my work, which was never a conscious choice. It just happened that way, and I am glad it did.

Ann Faison.