The work of Dake Wilson Architects is brought back to our family every day with stimulating (and often loud) dinner table conversation, teeth-brushing conversation, car conversation, etc. My partner is my husband, and my inspiration is often my kids and their curiosity and interests.

Explaining projects to our kids, or a classroom, or a client's children, always gives a little fertilizer to the project. In 2010 we designed the installation of 5,000 gallon cisterns at the Solano Canyon Community Garden. Our kids were very curious about the project, which lead to wide ranging discussions about CA water use and where our food comes from. In the end, our kids 'helped' the rest of the volunteers dig the holes for the cisterns and piping, and talked to the other volunteers about what motivated them to do the work. Putting words to common ideas created unity and clarity of vision for the project.

Living a well-intentioned urban life, including riding the metro when possible, participating in CicLAvia, exercising regularly and getting outside, leading sustainability projects at our children's schools, has engaged us in the community and environment. I find that anchoring our work with a social conscience and sustainability keeps me motivated and engaged to do better.

Renee Dake Wilson