Juliette Bellocq
I Love You, 2009
Cardboard, ink, tissue paper
multiples of 4 x 4 x 4 inches

On Valentine's day 2009, a retrospective of Sister Corita's work opened at Cal State Northridge. A silkscreen workshop was designed to engage viewers in the spirit of the artist, propose that they would create something themselves and offer a present they could pass to a loved one.

Little boxes were adorned with symbols and words evoking the intersection of love and food. To be taken or silkscreened more, the containers were filled with sweets and colorful papers.

Children that pulled squeegees, poured inks and stared at their creation until it dried engaged in the exhibit deeply and became treasure owners.

I Love You re-appropriates the strategies of branding to open an avenue for communication, activity with children and joy.

Juliette Bellocq